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Monday, December 5, 2011

Empower Network viral blogging platform

If you are like I was, struggling to try to figure out some way to get
more good steady customers in the door maybe you also feel frustrated
sometimes.   I can remember feeling ssoooo frustrated at wasting so
many dollars on advertising that did not work.

Then I found these two good solutions.

1.  The Empower Network morning online hangout sessions, where we
promote each other and share customer leads.  Maybe it will help your
business if you come to our business referral network online
meetings every morning, or as often as you can.  We share customer
leads and referrals.  This is online and you are hereby invited to our
Empower Network Business Networking Meeting -   ( a business leads
sharing group ) -  It is so cool because you can drop in or out anytime,
depending on your schedule, come or not come, and still be in good standing.

You can attend for a few minutes, or stay as long as you like.    We
meet online every day from 7 am to 9 am Mountain Time.
The name of our group is "Empower Network."    -  You get there by
joining our hangout on Google+ which is under the name of our
coordinator Lois Lewis on Google+  at

Simply send a Google+ invitation to be a friend or a Google+ "circles"
invitation to Lois Lewis at aablastforce@gmail.com  from within
Google+  Then drop into our hangout any morning for a few minutes to introduce
yourself and what you do for a living.
We will try to refer new customer leads to you.

After you try it out for free, then join us for $25 per month by
enrolling at this link.
( please excuse us, sometimes our server is overloaded ) - We pay
commissions to you if you refer someone to subscribe to our group
lead-sharing discussions.    If you refer just one person for example,
your Empower Network subscription fee goes away, because your
commission on your first subscriber referral is $25 monthly. You also
receive a viral blogging platform included at no extra charge.

Click to this link,
 if you wish to subscribe to our service now, or come and try out the
group meeting first for FREE if you wish.
( due to high response, sometimes you have to try again later, due to
overloading of our servers )

Come to the hangout at
 ( any morning 7 am - 9 am Mountain Time ).

See you online this morning or within the next few days ... to work on
sharing some leads and customer referrals for your business

Any questions, you may call our founding members anytime:

Scott Edington
Technology Hardware, IT, Computer, Audio Visual and Printer Supplies
Skype: scotteonline
Phone: 919 417 3977
Email: scottedington7@hotmail.com
skype: scotteonline

Don or Lois Lewis
Advertising Specialists - We help you to dominate Google search results.
Skype: flashcrowd
Email: aablastforce@gmail.com
Phone:  801-347-3798

Len Wright
Business Printing, Custom Logo T-Shirts, Banners, Embroiderd Hats
Phone: 801-404-6123
Email:  123@jet6.com

2. The second good advertising solution is the Empower Network Blast
Force Google advertising program.  It gets you to the top several
natural listing spots in Google searches in your local city for a particular
product or service.    Here is a solution to your advertising frustrations
that should be a secret.  It is an unusual secret.... almost.

The secret is that we really can get you to the top of Google within
72 hours from now, that's what.  Not just one spot on the first page
of Google, but most ALL the spots on the first page of the natural
Google search engine results for a specific product or service in your local city.

And it does not take 3 months to get you to the top of Google.

It takes 72 hours, that's it.


For example, one of our clients is Lon Scow at
"Auto Wrecking Parts LLC Junk Yard in Salt Lake City Utah. He buys or
Sell Used Auto Parts, tires, rims, wheels, batteries in SLC.
You may call Lon for an opinion right now at 801-604-8888.

What we do for him is demonstrated if you go and "Google" the
following Key Search Phrases that we worked on for him, as an example
of what we can do for you.

Google any or all of these phrases right now, and then actually find
the phone number that each link leads you to.... you will see that
801-604-8888 dominates!     We can do the same for your business.

===== Phrases to copy and paste to Google search box as a demo =====

Door for a 1957 Ford F-150 salt lake city

1940 Dodge flatbed pickup Salt Lake City

1940 Dodge flatbed truck SLC

haul away junk cars and trucks Salt Lake City

Where to get a junk Hyster forklift Salt Lake City

Plymouth Vista 1988 Door Salt Lake City Utah

Radial used tires with alloy rim salt lake city

Trunk Lid for 1987 BMW 325i Salt Lake City Utah

Hood for 88 Plymouth Vista 1988 Salt Lake City Utah

Check how we also dominate Google for our own key phrases for our biz
(we are known as Empower Network, Blast Force and FlashCrowd in the results)
when you Google the phrase:
 Empower network viral blogging Salt Lake City Utah
or the phrase:
Empower Network Salt Lake City Utah
As you can seek, we dominate the first page of listings in Google for
those localized Empower Network searches.

Pretty cool,

Here is the next step for you, -

Call now 801-347-3798  24 hours
 and ask for "Lewis"
or Skype  FlashCrowd

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