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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why only FMO's ?

I choose to work mainly with FMO's, since I have limited time, and that way I can promote the general concept of FMO ( Forced Matrix Organizations ), allowing me to work many programs at once.   

A forced matrix organization ( FMO ) simply means that you can only recruit a few workers and then you must concentrate on helping those few workers to be successful.  Then they do the same.  It is a "forced" matrix because you are forced to concentrate on helping   just a few   to success, then they do the same. It really multiplies.  It is best to run ads to sell products, not to recruit. 

I concentrate my main everyday efforts on selling the actual retail products online with a specific retail price in specific individual classified ads.  I also include a recruiting link as the bottom line in each product ad to recruit workers as a side benefit of the ad.  Since I only need to recruit a very few home workers to help in each FMO, I can let the magic of the FMO concept work for me.  

As soon as I get just a very few people enrolled in each FMO to help place online ads the Worldwide FMO concept will carry those people to success, based on their own work if they do the same as I did.  Most of my day is spent placing classified ads and engaging in the social media, in order to sell the actual real retail products.  

Each classified ad that I place offers a particular single product at a particular price, with a link for the customer to order the actual product retail online.  I also include my blog address or recruiting link at the very bottom of each ad, to help recruit workers.

I believe that more and more REAL products will be sold via FMO's since each one takes so little time to enroll and then to easily promote to just a few people who will be your distributors, helping to place classified ads to sell the individual products retail. With the Twitter networks and Google+ some amazing things are about to happen.

Start by picking your product line at "Worldwide FMO Team Links" at the top right of this blog. You can make a free blog exactly like this one, at http://www.blogger.com and include your own favorite links.  You may copy any or all of this blog, in order to recruit a few workers like yourself, who want to help place classified ads and engage in the social media blog conversations online.  Then concentrate your own efforts on placing new ads every day to sell each one of your actual product items in an ad with a specific price.  Try to include some of the most popular googled words in each of your ads and comments each day, like walter payton, national coffee day, tampa bay rays, red sox, worldwide forced matrix, home business. You can also put your blog address or recruiting link in the bottom of each ad to recruit more workers to help place ads.

Follow this trend at Twitter:  http://Twitter.com/FlashCrowd
  and at http://Twitter.com/ForcedMatrix

To get started, simply choose one of the Worldwide FMO Team Links on the top right of this blog page.  Then start placing free classified ads which each offer an individual product at a specific price

Step 1: Pick your team at top right, Step 2: Place 5 Free Classified Ads daily, Step 3: You get paid.

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