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Monday, November 28, 2011

This is the season for bringing joy to others

A great time to call, visit, write to someone that I have neglected, a relationship desired  but not expressed, a person whom I can serve.  Joy comes from solving their needs.  

This holiday season, today, right now is a time to reflect and prioritize.  I am thinking of the Blast Force acronym.  This is a good time to evaluate how I am doing.  B = Being employed or busily engaged, L = Living on less than I earn. A= Abundance accumulates naturally when I live on less than I earn.  S = Service and solving needs for myself and others. Since I am employed, living on less than my income, I naturally find enough abundance in my life, so that I have the time, money and health to be able to serve others and experience the joy of helping them.  The "T" in Blast Force stands for Teaching 5 others to do the same.  I can also teach some skills or talents that are personal to me.  We do not need huge public budgets for schools that do not work, if the best experts simply get online and teach us worldwide as a group.  We are forming those groups now.  This is the Organization Age for economic business education, work skills, artistic talents, language skills, everything really. We can all learn from the best and eliminate the ineffective teachers and schools.  

The "F" in Blast Force stands for Fulfillment, feeling fulfilled in what we do. "O" is for Organizing humanity.  "R" is for Replication.  We can bring these concepts and teachings to the entire world, if you make it your project to teach these principles to at least 5 other people. Start with one person or one blog entry or Tweet today.  Reach out to one particular person who responds or a person you know today.  Wish them a happy holiday season. Use this season as an excuse to contact them out of the blue.  This is the greatest opportunity season of the year.  "C" is for compassion.  Serve with compassion. Live with compassion.  Decide now to be compassionate in all you do, in business dealings, friendships, everyday relationships, and with strangers.  Make that stranger or foe into a friend by bringing compassion to them. "E" is for Energetically Engage spreading energy, exercise and engaging life.  Sing, dance, participate, work, serve, learn, prosper.

We have completed the industrial age, automation age, technology age, computer age, Internet age, and the explosion of social networking.  So what is next ?

We have the Internet, smart cell phones, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, cars, airplanes, excellent roads, good homes, relative peace, so what is next ?

I believe the next arriving age is the Organization Age.  The tools of the Internet, technology, smart phones, tablets, and the social networking explosion will soon be put to good use.

It is time to use our social and technology assets to organize the human race.  It is time to ORGANIZE in order to end hunger, poverty, educational deficiency, and medicinal shortages worldwide.

To do this, we will need to organize while we still have the time, money and health. We already have the technology.   If you do not have time, money or health get it.

How do we get the time, money and health that we will need to organize humanity in order to end poverty, hunger and preventable illness and death worldwide ?

Here is my proposal:

1. Start your own Twitter account with a profile describing our goals of "Organizing to end hunger, poverty, educational deficiency, and medicinal shortages."  Put the following 3 words "FollowBack Organization Age" in your profile.   Let people find and follow your Twitter account naturally on their own.  Do nothing to promote it.  ONLY FOLLOW PEOPLE WHO FIRST FOLLOW YOU.   Do not promote your Twitter account.  Let people find you.

2. Start a blog online.  Get the Empower Network worldwide viral blogging platform.  Enroll at  http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=FlashCrowd  The Empower Network worldwide viral blogging platform will fund your future Organization Age participation.  This is an income generator.

3. Subscribe to this blog which you are now reading for updates, by inserting your email address at the top of this blog.   We are organizing humanity using social networking, the internet, and modern worldwide technology to end hunger, poverty, educational deficiency, and medicinal shortages.

4. Think, speak and organize for Abundance, Wealth, Learning, and Health in your blog posts and tweets.   Stay tuned for an exciting movement worldwide.

Welcome to the  Organization Age 


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